You've come to the right place. Family owned and operated for over 20 years, we are US Body Source! While others are outsourcing the manufacturing of their product to other countries, you can rely on the fact that US Body Source products are always manufactured in the United States, using the same high standards since day one.

 Since 1987 we have done our best to provide automotive enthusiasts with exclusive, custom, composite body panels. So, whether your vehicle is used for street, strip or just cruising around town, we have the parts to keep you light and rust free.
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Custom hoods.
- Performance custom and restoration fiberglass.
Reproduction steel restoration body panels.
 Note: US Body Source products are always manufactured in the United States, however the steel GoodMark custom hoods and restoration parts, thou guaranteed and often certified may be made overseas.
20 years and going strong.

 What a great ride its been.

In the beginning we were the first to introduce a full line of Musclecar hoods that used both the OEM hinge and latch.
 We were also the first to design and manufacture a full line of truck cowl induction hoods that used both the OEM hinge and latch.
 The entire Pro-Street truck craze can be traced back to this 51 Chevy for which we designed the tilt front and other parts.
 It was instantly featured in Super Chevy, Popular Hot Rodding & 50 other publications sparking enough interest for Truckin Magazine to form. 
 As the Pro-Street truck craze continued we met the demand and created race weight and heavy duty tilts for Ford, Chevy and Dodge Trucks.
 These new front ends came complete with a removable style hinge kits, allowing you to tilt the unit up and over the front bumper.
 In addition to our truck front ends, we added a full line of fenders and doors for classic trucks 1940 thru 1988.
 Time to get serious! Bracket cars were needing to lighten up to go fast. To remedy the weight problem we began manufacturing 80lb. bodies.
 Many of our truck front ends were redesigned with a pre-split panel to make installation and tilting easier.
 We introduced a full line of HEAVY DUTY  truck replacement cabs and tubs for Blazer and CJ 2. 3. 5 & 7.
 To compliment our CJ-7 tubs, we designed the first full length 4" flair kit for greater off road tire coverage.
 Years of design came to an end when we introduced this classic 40 style pick up that bolted to a Ford Ranger chassis.
 To date we are still the only ones to figure out how to produce a one piece Aero-Hood. Available for most Musclecars 62-91.
 To compliment our CJ-5 tubs, we designed the first full length 4" flair kit for greater off road tire coverage.
 Along with Full glass cabs and beds (like this 73) Our pre-split tilts became available for just about every truck 1953-1992.
 (Drag Racing) We stream lined the '23 T Altered gave it greater tire coverage and created the worlds first Altered Wedge.
 Junior drag racing began, so to complete our line of fiberglass bodies we produced "JR" a stream line body at our Hampton facility.
 Our 1955 sedan just got heavier with the addition of a floor and headliner supports. Making available a street weight replacement body.
 Stronger, Better, Cheaper. Our 427 bodies prove to be the best most well thought out bodies available.
 Awesome American Austin, We designed this Austin to drop right onto a T bucket frame.
 Just Released, Cameo kits for 55-57 Chevy trucks & a full line of stepside beds to fit Chevy trucks.
 Now we focused on fleetside beds for both Ford and Chevy trucks, featuring easy 8 bolt installation.
 Excellence in design is how our 41 Willy was described when it was introduced in 1997. Great for Street or Strip.
 First on the market with GT-500 and GT-41 composite hoods for Mustangs and Ford Trucks..
 Bigger is better. Our next line of hoods included 4"-6" cowl induction hoods for late models and musclecars.
 We introduced a large line of Ram-Air hoods all with finished inners and latch provisions.

 Hundreds of products were added and things were changing so fast our catalogs could not keep up, so we decided to go to  the web  with and to separate our line of fully lined bolt-on hoods (Tech-Hoods.


 We teamed up with AMD and added their full line of custom steel reproduction hoods to our internet site at discounted prices.


 We are bringing our entire product line back together for easy access. The new left navigation bar on our sites allows you to access 1- Custom Hoods, 2-Performance Custom and Restoration Fiberglass all with one click.


 Its time to go back to the tooling table and add more than 100 new ram-air, fully lined composite Tech-Hoods for almost all late model vehicles, such as Liberty Tahoe, Avalanche, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GMC Trucks, Durango, Colorado, Dakota, Suburban, Yukon Denali, Wrangler Unlimited, & Charger, Magnum, Magnum Wagon, Monte Carlo, and more. 

Check back frequently, these new products will be added as they become available.

US Body Source inc. Hampton Florida.                                                                    Family owned and operated since 1987.

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